Krkonoše Treetop Walkway

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Krkonoše are the highest mountains in the Czech Republic. Due to their unique geographical location in the middle of Europe, the Krkonoše Mountains represent a mighty and natural barrier on the perimeter of large open plains in Germany and Poland. They are approximately 35 kilometers long and their main ridges and valleys are arranged in a direction from northwest to southeast. This significantly affects all the geographical, climatic and biological features of these European medium-sized mountains and their surroundings. Therefore, Krkonoše Mountains are a truly important area for biodiversity in Central Europe.

The Krkonoše Mountains were declared a national park in 1963. The territory is open to public. Visitors who come to Krkonoše can enjoy high mountain slopes, but also flat ridges, alpine meadows with colourful wildflowers, perfectly marked hiking trails and a beautiful landscape presented by the highest Czech mountain Sněžka.

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