thyssenkrupp Testturm in Rottweil (Germany)

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Germany’s largest (highest) visitor platform! The tower is part of an elevator r’n’d branch of thyssenkrupp and used to test real case scenarios for their engineers and testers. In other words…. Ein Turm der Superlative wurde durch TK Elevator in Rottweil, der ältesten Stadt Baden-Württembergs, gebaut. Auf dieser Seite haben wir wichtige Hinweise für die Planung Ihres Besuchs auf Deutschlands höchster Besucherplattform zusammengestellt.

The new 246 meter high elevator test tower is specially designed for the elevator technology of tomorrow: In the twelve shafts within the tower, which has a diameter of 21 meters, the engineers can test elevators at dizzying speeds of up to 18 m / s. With this tower, Rottweil becomes the center for the future of vertical passenger transport.

Three shafts with a height of 100 meters are specially designed for testing the innovative MULTI system. With the MULTI elevator, the dream of transporting several elevator cabins at the same time is taking shape: The technology of the magnetic levitation train is finding its way into the elevator industry, whereby the conveying capacity can be increased by up to 50 percent and the space requirements in buildings can be significantly reduced.

Official website: thyssenkrupp Elevator Testturm – Home (
TK Elevator Testturm
Berner Feld 60
78628 Rottweil

Tower Run

The test tower has 1,390 steps and the highest public visitor platform in Germany at 232 meters. Every year hundreds of runners climb the top of the tower in our annual tower run.

After the great success of the premiere in 2018, thyssenkrupp Elevator and the event agency pulsschlag organized the Towerrun and, for the first time, the German Staircase Championships in Rottweil in 2019.

The numerous top athletes registered promised an exciting race for the crown in the stairway. Although the award of the German Championships is a special award, the thyssenkrupp Elevator Towerrun is deliberately aimed at hobby runners, ambitious athletes and professional stair runners alike. The 1,390 steps up to Germany’s highest viewing platform are something very special even for the experienced stairwell runners and are a challenge and an experience for every starter.

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