COVID19 Opening Updates – January 2021

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As the pandemic keeps a tight crib on life as we’ve known it, it certainly includes many if not almost all tree top walks, too. In many countries such as Germany, the ongoing lockdown has forced the local operators to completely shut down. In particular in Europe, regardless whether the Baumzipfelpfad Saalbach, Baumwipfelpfad Bayerischer Wald or Krkonose Tree Top Walk, all face currently the same fate unfortunately.
Otherwise such as the Wildcenter in Tupper Lake (USA) or other parts of the world may be operating but very limited hours and/or reservation only.

Regardless, we’re not updating the operating hours on each page as they sometimes changes weekly; however, we recommend you follow the link to the operators’ websites. Keep in mind, if you attempt to call, no one may answer due to limited if any operating hours. As things change, we’ll hopefully have a better update in a few months.


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